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Registered Maine Guide


This comprehensive five day Residential program (Monday - Friday), is held at Southern Maine Guide Service Lodge & Facilities. Our Outdoor School will educate you in the classroom as well as in the field. These classes are designed to give you hands-on experience to increase your knowledge and skills in the categories listed above, to educate you to the state's expectations in order for you to become a Maine Guide, and to help prepare you for the State oral and written Guide Exams (mock oral board and written exams are included). At Southern Maine Guide Service we have tailored our outdoor school to help you achieve your goals.

Our Guide School Program:

1. Recreation Guide 3 Day School class includes: lost person scenario, map & compass, general client care issues, safety, camping, water craft/canoeing, species indentification & wildlife facts, 3-day (Mon, Tue, & Wed) -- Call for pricing

2. Fishing Guide School (prerequisite of recreation guide class) one-day class includes: fishing laws, terminology, different types of equipment, fish of Maine (inland waters), and fish habitat, 3-day (Mon, Tue, & Wed) -- Call for pricing

3. Hunting Guide School (prerequisite of recreation guide class) one-day class includes: hunting laws, firearms & ammunition, archery equipment, general trapping laws, trap types, mammal and waterfowl identification, 3-day (Mon, Tue & Wed) -- Call for pricing

4. Day Programs available for students who prefer to commute. Call for details.

5. Combination Recreation, Fishing, & Hunting package -- Call for pricing

Maine Guide Training Schedule (2012)

Spring Session:   April 16 to April 18, 2012
Fall Session:
October 8 to October 10, 2012

Contact us for Private Session

(Maine Guide applicants must be 18 or older)

Meals and lodging available by request.

For New Guide Applicants you will need to contact the Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, 41 State House Station, Augusta, ME. 04333-0041 or call (207) 787-2571